Augusta Jewish Community Center

AJCC Membership


What makes you say “That’s MY JCC !”? It could be winning at Bingo at a Family Night after a yummy home cooked meal. It could be the calm of a lazy afternoon at the pool with new friends. It could be the excitement of developing your hidden talent as an artist at an AJCC Art Class. It could be learning how to make Challah for the first time or how to braid it with multiple strands and then thinking together about the meaning of Shabbat. It could be the culinary experience of eating out at fascinating ethnic restaurants with your new friends from the AJCC Dining Club. Or it could be right here at the AJCC, learning a new dance and enjoying the food of another country at one of our Ethnic Dinners. It could be the lovely combination of the food, the wine and the river on the AJCC Savannah River cruise in the summer. It could be hearing a great speaker at “Lunch at the J” along with senior friends. It could be learning about Israel through song and dance when the AJCC hosts the Israel Scout Caravan. And the list goes on.

What makes a child say “That’s MY JCC!”? It could be their memorable experience at our award-winning camp, where they made new friends, learned new skills and did not want each day to end. It could be the arts and crafts “Jewish” fun at the AJCC Growing Families programs. It could be their delight with the games and the prizes at the AJCC Community Purim Carnival. It could be the satisfaction of “look what I made!” when they decorated a menorah or a dreidl and then took them home for all to admire. It could be finishing their first AJCC Jaws Swim Meet with a feeling of proud achievement. And the list goes on.

AJCC members receive discounts on activities and extra benefits at programs. When you and friends and/or your child/children can proudly agree on “My”, isn’t that worth the world?

But the best reason of all to join the AJCC family? It is a place where friends become family, families grow stronger and memories are built each time you visit.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the AJCC Full Year Memberhip Application.